The Sydney

Edgartown, MA

The Sydney, an 8-room boutique hotel in the heart of Edgartown, provided a unique opportunity to work in close partnership with the architect and builder on a major expansion. As an integral part of the team from the outset, Rachel Reider Interiors was able to select all of the materials and finishes for the new 14-room building, from flooring to tiles to the design of built-ins. In merging the original building - an elegant 19th century home of a whaling captain - with new construction, our goal was to blend the two distinct spaces and time periods into one seamless experience. Finding inspiration in the island's spectacular sunsets, jewel tones of orange, purple and pink accent a soothing sea-like palette of blues and greens. The materials - mother of pearl, woven seagrass wall coverings, and sheer window treatments - add a natural element, while abstract art of familiar coastal forms provides an upscale touch. Now more than doubled in size, The Sydney is a cohesive jewel of a hotel with deep Vineyard roots and a thoroughly modern style.

All Photography by Read McKendree.

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