Concord, MA

When revitalizing Concord’s Hawthorne Inn, Rachel Reider Interiors worked closely
with the clients to develop a novel approach that would respect the rich literary roots of
the area while introducing the creature comforts of the 21st century. Building on a palette
of rich jewel tones appropriate for year round guests, classical furniture forms were
remade in a more modern way. Elegant four poster beds were sprayed with high gloss
lacquer in saturated hues, while Windsor chairs in the lounge display a sleek turning
detail. What remains consistent, though, is the presence of antique desks in each room,
long used by guests who come to soak in Concord’s reverence for the written word and
pen their own works. Artwork throughout reinforces this historical link, while fabrics
and finishes link back to nearby Walden Pond, a spot also strongly associated with the
area’s famous authors.

All Photography by Michael Partenio.

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