Cape Cod Casual

Falmouth, MA

With four kids and an on-the-go lifestyle, durability and ease of maintenance were top of mind for this Falmouth, MA summer home. The waterfront location provided inspiration for the color palette of sand, grey, blues, and greens, which is complemented by fresh white architectural details. Reflecting the organic beauty of the surroundings, touchable textures were incorporated at every turn, from woven carpets to sheer window treatments and natural wallcoverings. The primary bedroom, done in soothing neutral tones and soft surfaces, offers a serene counterpoint to the childrens’ spaces. The girls’ bedroom in particular, with its vibrant fabrics and finishes, has a youthful feel that’s sophisticated enough to grow right along with them. Together with an open kitchen and dining space that maximizes the water views, fun times with the family are all but assured for these repeat clients.

All Photography by Read McKendree.

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