Artfully Inspired

Cohasset, MA

There’s no greater pleasure than having a client reach out several years after the completion of their original design project to inquire about partnering on a new home. In this case, the expanded family had outgrown their space and were ready to dive into a significant renovation on a new property. With a relationship already in place, our clients again put their trust in Rachel Reider Interiors to push their design boundaries. During the year-long process, which included helping to plan an addition and redesigning the kitchen and bathrooms, the goal was to create a colorful family haven that was both youthful and sophisticated. Drawing inspiration from their extensive art collection, rich hues meet modern forms in luxe yet family-friendly fabrics. Material selections and accents, such as the pale blue grasscloth in the master bath and the organically-textured mirror in the entry, give a hint to the coastal location without feeling overly themed. In the kitchen, the graceful wave of the backsplash tile ties together the moss green cabinetry and brass hardware to create a showstopping, central gathering spot for the whole family.

All Photography by Read McKendree.

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