When approaching the interior design for Lark Hotel's newest Nantucket property, the idea was to create a vibe that was modern and urban yet quintessentially Nantucket at the same time. Using a white-on-white color scheme accented with bold pops of color, we incorporated a wide variety of textured materials to build a true sense of place. Seagrass rugs, linen fabrics and weathered oak work seamlessly together with smooth leather, glass light fixtures, white lacquer and resin to create a unified look that is both natural and modern at the same time. Large scale abstract acrylic-on-wood paintings, commissioned specifically for the hotel, serve as a colorful focal point in each room. The common areas, accented by a freestanding fireplace and record player, provide that sense of whimsy guests have come to expect from Lark properties. The finished product is a sophisticated blend of casual coastal cool.


All Photography by Rare Brick.

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